Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Like A Rolling Stone

Like The Stones after Bill Wyman's exit, The BackUp Band has decided on a similar approach to the bass spot now that Craig Clasen has left the band. The BackUp Band, as an established entity, feels that it can have the luxury to pick and choose from an available pool of freelance bass players for any given gig.

We have recently played with some awesome bass players including Dave Huddleston, James Gatewood and Joe Russo, but my personal preference would be to take the approach of say, Weather Report who replaced Alphonse Johnson with Jaco Pastorius; or The Sex Pistols, who replaced Glenn Matlock with Sid Vicious; in other words, hire a permanent replacement (although one could argue that neither Jaco nor Vicious were exactly "permanent").
Anyway, I am outnumbered, and in The BackUp Band, the majority rules (on occasion), so freelance a la The Stones is the decision for now. This month on Friday, September 30 at The Greenville Inn, it will be the talented James Gatewood handling bass duties and we are all looking forward to it.
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