Sunday, August 21, 2005

You Pissed Me Off, You F*ckin' Jerk

I was wrong in my last posting; Craig's last gig was last night at the party in Solon. As such, we had him pick the last song of the night. Craig chose "Let It Roll" by Little Feat. Great choice, but we barely got past the intro when one of Solon's finest exercised the Patriot Act to put us out of business.
It was going great until the Solon SWAT Team took us out. At least it seemed that way. I can understand the cops wanting us to shut it down at midnight, but rather than ask the hosts to have us quit, a gung ho patrolman aimed his xeon flashlight at our faces from across the pool and said, in one of the sternist voices I ever heard, "The band 's done! Right NOW!" It was like "put the guitar down real slow, right there where I can see it; and put both hands over your head, NOW! On the ground, motha f*cker!" Not quite that bad, but he did have an attitude. I think he watched one too many episodes of "COPS".
Actually, I don't know what took them so long. I would've thought they would have showed up five minutes after Larry sang "The Rodeo Song". (click on the title for the lyrics)
Don't forget: This Friday, August 26th at The Greenville.


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